Carnival Time!

One of my fondest childhood memories is of going to the annual summer carnival.

I remember that it was held in a great, big field before that field was transformed into a shopping center. Then it was moved to a field closer to the fire department. When that happened, it felt like the carnival got smaller, but it could have been my childhood impression.

I’ve always loved that every town in the county where I’m from hosts a summer carnival. Some are bigger than others but they all happen during different weeks so that you could visit them all.

This year, I took my son to my hometown carnival. He loved the merry-go-round but that was it. Then, we took him to the carnival in our new hometown. I was so taken by the difference between the two. Ours is a little more kid-friendly and less expensive. He loved the swings – you know the ones that go around in a circle – the cars, and the bounce house.

What I loved was that we could walk to the carnival from our house and the nostalgia I felt for summers past.

I can’t wait for all the summer carnivals to come!

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  1. I loved carnivals growing up, loved the hometown feel! We went to several this summer.

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