Change is Good, Right?

I finished packing up my office yesterday.

Nope, I didn’t quit my job. (I love my job.)

I’m not being laid off either (thank goodness).

My position is going virtual. Next week, I start working from home full-time.

I’ve known about this change for a long time and I’m excited about it. But I’m ready for it to be complete. I’ve been working half at home and half at the office for awhile. I’m ready to be settled into one hub so I don’t feel so scattered.

I also want to get settled into a schedule, one that maximizes the time when I’m at my most productive and one that keeps that work/life balance, well, um, balanced.

It won’t be easy. There will be challenges. (Did I mention the toddler will be home with me part-time?) I know all this. But I also know that I am very blessed to have this opportunity and I don’t want to take it for granted.

Do you or have you ever been a work-at-home parent? Got any advice for me?

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