Eat. Pray…My A-Ha Moment

No, Eat. Pray. Love. did not change my life. That’s not what this post is about. Nor is it really about the book or the movie, although, I did read it and do play on seeing it.

And this post isn’t about Elizabeth Gilbert either. Well, not exactly. She does, however, play a significant role in the moment that I keep referring to as my A-Ha moment (although, I don’t know if it’s quite up to Oprah’s definition).

Last spring, I attended a local literary event featuring Elizabeth Gilbert. This annual event spotlights a published writer in an effort to increase literacy in the county. I’m all for that!

Elizabeth Gilbert. Taken with my cell phone camera, hence the poor quality of the image.

As I sat in the audience listening to her talk about why she writes, I began to wonder why I wasn’t writing. If this is my passion, why am I not doing it? My husband’s been asking me the same question for years and my answer has always been: I just don’t have the time.

Right there, right then, in that moment, I decided it was time. Time to make my writing a priority. Time to start pursuing my passion. Time to make my dreams a reality.

And so this blog was born.

I wouldn’t say I have Elizabeth Gilbert to thank for that because the idea was already in the making. But she did inspire me to take action and for that I’m grateful.

BTW, I was totally enamored with her. Like I wanted to go up to her afterwards, invite her to lunch and become her best friend. But I didn’t. Because that’s weird and kind-of stalkerish. I’m content just being a fan (and not a crazy one) and being inspired by good writers pursuing this shared passion.

So, what inspires you? What passions are you pursuing?

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