For the Love of Elmo

My son has fallen in love with Elmo!

I took him to a children’s concert recently and his red furry friend was there greeting everyone. I thought my son would be afraid of the adult size Muppet but no, oh no. He was infatuated. I literally had to hold him back so the other kids could take a turn.

Afterwards, the rusty wheels in my mommy brain began to turn and I thought it might be fun to plan a family trip to Sesame Place for his birthday. I went online, gasped at the prices, and then checked the menu options for my food allergic boy.

I was disappointed by what I found online. We would be permitted to bring our own food (my preference) if it was medically necessary, which it is, but did I need a note from his allergist as proof? Ugh. And if I elected to buy food at the park (their preference), the employees were happy to help with menu selections. I’m not sure how much faith I want to put in the teenagers working there for the summer. My experience has been that people who don’t have food allergies may be sympathetic and try to be accommodating but, unless they too have a food allergy and have to avoid certain foods, they don’t really understand the severity of the issue.

So, I scratched Sesame Place off the list of places to go this year.

But then I decided to ask them via Twitter how they catered to children with food allergies.

I quickly got a direct message reply with a request to email my question so they could response accordingly. I did and the very next day I received a very long detailed email explaining what foods were available for my son and which ones he should avoid. There aren’t a lot of options but I was impressed by the detail and timely response.

I do hear it’s a lot of fun, especially for toddlers, and now that I know he won’t starve while stalking Elmo, we’ll definitely be making a trip.

Have you been to Sesame Place? How was your experience? Any food allergy experiences (good or bad) at an amusement park? Please share your stories. I’d love to hear them!

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