Saying Goodbye to Maryland Life Magazine

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Six years ago, I faced a tough decision. Well, tough for me. I had to decide if I was going  to attend the Iowa Summer Writer’s Workshop or accept a job at a new magazine.

I opted for the later.

As much as I wanted to go to Iowa — attending that prestigious writing program is still a dream — I couldn’t pass up full-time employment to spend the summer writing amidst cornfields.

So I chose the practical option. And I haven’t regretted that decision for one single moment (but I did frame my acceptance letter from the University of Iowa).

Maryland Life Magazine Final Issue

The final issue of Maryland Life magazine.

However, today, I’m saying goodbye to Maryland Life magazine. Not because I want to but because I have to. Today, Maryland Life magazine will cease publication.

I am sad. That’s for certain. I’ve shed many tears and will probably shed a few more.

I have loved this job.

Correction: I LOVE this job.

It’s my passion. I get to write and edit and travel and be creative. Its been a dream.

What happens next is a mystery. The magazine may rise from the ashes. It may not. I may start a new job or I may pursue freelance work.

I’m open to what comes next.

I know I will continue writing and editing. I’ll be editing and writing for

And I’ll be writing here, as well as working on a novel. Finally.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Dan Patrell says

    And you were one of a kind for Maryland Life, as well, Shannon.

    Thank YOU for all you did for the magazine and making it such a first-class publication, both in print and digital.

    I only hope I have the honor of working with you again in the future.



  2. Remember how many times we lamented the long hours, stressful deadlines, hellish inboxes, and low pay, only to finish with, “Yeah, but I LOVE my job!”?

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