Couch to 5K Week 2 Done

So much for getting ahead. I wanted to be writing about week three today but I’m not there yet. Hopefully I will be tomorrow. Or Friday. I did complete week two, though, and that’s something. To celebrate, here are my joys of running for this week: Seeing the colors of autumn creep over the mountains near my home. Hearing the leaves crunch as I ran through a park while my son played on the playground with my husband. An Indian Summer evening with just enough light left in the day for a run. The scent of wood burning in a fireplace, which was a little unexpected given the 80 degree temperature that day. My son saying he was going to go running like mommy. Now on to week three! … [Read more...]

Couch to 5K Week Two

I’m one run into the second week. I feel good that I’m continuing through the program but I am worried that I won’t be ready by Race #2. I have seven weeks to go and eight weeks left in the program. I guess there’s a reason I didn’t major in math. Part of me thinks I can make up the time if I’m diligent about running every other day but the realist in me knows that won’t happen. I have to keep going, though. I have to complete this program. Today’s run was good. It reminded me why I like to run. It clears my head. I was feeling overwhelmed before my run. Afterwards, I felt more focused. When I run, its just me against the pavement, one foot at a time, and the C25K app and iTunes on my iTouch coaching me along. Warm up Run then Walk, Run then Walk, Run Cool down In week two, the running time extends from one minute to a minute and a half. The walks are longer, too. There are just less of both. I felt like I was running farther and faster, although, I doubt I was. I don’t care … [Read more...]

Couch to 5K Week One

I’m halfway through the first week of the Couch to 5K program. I’ve done 2 out of the 3 runs for the week. This is my third attempt at this program. This time I’m going to finish. This time I have two races to complete. I was registered for a race the first time I started this program. I got through week 3 and the blizzards hit. Two weeks later, when we were finally shoveling out, I’d lost my running mojo. I tried again in the warmer months but was deterred by the heat. I’d rather run in the cold. I’ve already participated in two races this year but I am determined to run one completely. That’s why I am trying again. I meant to start last week but had such a hard time getting out there. Sunday, I finally did. And it was hard. I expected it to be hard the first time I attempted the program. The second time was surprisingly easy so I hoped this time would be too. What I didn’t account for was the extra weight I’m carrying on my run. I’ve gained (cough, cough) 10-20 pounds this … [Read more...]

Time to Get Serious

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I last posted! (What’s that, like a decade in Internet years?) Last week – when I was last working on my blog – I read over my About page and was reminded of my purpose in starting this blog: accountability. I wanted my blog to hold me accountable for the things I say I’m going to do so I actually do them. But a blog can’t hold me accountable. Only I can. So, it’s time to get serious… …about writing …about blogging …about getting my priorities straight …about finding balance between family and work …about training to actually run a 5K instead of walk it (there’s a 5K in two months that I’m planning to run – just downloaded the registration form) I’ve been serious in mind but not in action. It’s time to get serious about taking action! It’s time to get up early, write often, run regularly and manage my time according to my priorities. It’s a lot to tackle but its time. Who’s with me? What are you serious about? … [Read more...]