5 Reasons to Attend Eat Write Retreat This Year

Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to attend Eat Write Retreat in Washington DC for free as a volunteer. Unfortunately, I had to back out a few months before because of pregnancy complications. So instead, I watched the hashtag (#EWR12 this year) and read all the amazing post-conference blogs and really wished I had been there. Well, not this year. Nope. This year, I will be there, thanks to Robyn and Casey asking me to volunteer again. And I’d like you to join me. Here’s why: Networking Networking Networking The number one benefit I read over and over again last year was about the connections made at the conference. Blogger after blogger wrote about making great friends and really connecting with the other attendees. This is a small, intimate conference that is conducive to building lasting relationships. And there are opportunities throughout the weekend to connect with “the pros” – they’ll be dining beside you, not just talking at you. Food Styling & … [Read more...]

Eat Write Retreat 2011

Last weekend, I was supposed to be volunteering at the first Eat. Write. Retreat. conference, an all-inclusive conference for food bloggers. Instead, I was having a second ultrasound and enduring a three-hour glucose test (more on that in an upcoming post). I had bowed out of my volunteer honor the month before knowing that, at seven months pregnant, I probably couldn’t keep up with the weekend’s agenda. It was the right decision but I still longed to be there. I’ve been watching Twitter hoping to virtually experience the conference and over the last week I’ve seen a lot of recap posts, all of which made me wish I had been there even more. Not for the swag or even the awesome sessions but for the camaraderie between food bloggers. Post after post expressed the same sentiment that the connections made were the best part of the weekend. And so I wanted to share with you this collection of those posts from the Eat. Write. Retreat website: http://eatwriteretreat.com/updates. Won’t you … [Read more...]

Eat. Write. Retreat.

Have you ever tried something new and instantly fell in love? Have you ever gone somewhere new and felt a connection right away? Have you ever joined a new-to-you community and realized it was exactly where you belonged? I’ve experienced this a few times in my life… …when I moved to New York City to study publishing …when I met the moms in my food allergy support group …and when I started blogging. Blogging has given me a creative outlet to write about topics that matter to me, including food allergies, and opened networking opportunities. I fell in love with it almost immediately. And the community seemed to welcome me with open arms, as if I was already a member of their vast tribe. When I attended BlogHer last summer, the best part was meeting other bloggers. So, when I heard about Eat, Write, Retreat, an all-inclusive conference for food bloggers, I knew I wanted to attend. It would be a chance to connect with other food bloggers (crossing my fingers there will be a few food … [Read more...]