Chasing Dreams

Not long after my tech free weekend, I found myself deeply immersed in surfing the internet yet again. So much for lessons learned. Three hours into researching franchises for my husband – who hadn’t asked me to and didn’t know that’s what I was doing – it occurred to me… Why am I spending so much time chasing someone else’s dream? I don’t aspire to own a business. That’s my husband’s dream. So why am I spending three hours researching it? That’s three hours I could be chasing my own dreams. This realization prompted me to contact Life Coach Lauree Ostrofsky of SimplyLeap.  I first met Lauree at Momz Share, a networking event for women in social media. Lauree offered all attendees a free coaching session so I decided to take her up on it. Coaching sessions are usually conducted over the phone but I’m not a phone person so I requested an in-person meeting. Lauree graciously agreed. I was nervous and not really sure where the session was going to go or where I wanted it to go for … [Read more...]