Dear Food Diary

I’ve been reluctant to keep a food diary for my son. I know that I should keep track of what he eats and what his moods are each day to stay on top of the allergies but I haven’t. I think its part laziness, part fear that I’ll discover a new allergy, part too time consuming, part I don’t have complete control over his diet (yet), part I don’t know what… Time to stop making excuses! I’ve read enough and experienced first-hand the physical and emotional effects of a change in diet. I know that, despite my fears, whatever I find out will only be for the good. I might also discover the nutritional gaps in his diet. I’m sure there are plenty – Lately, all he wants to eat is cereal (or ceredoll, as he calls it). Have you kept a food diary for yourself or your child? How was the experience for you? What did you discover? I’d love to hear from you! … [Read more...]