Is Letter Writing Lost? The Random Cards of Kindness Project

The idea was born at a social event for women in journalism. We were chatting about networking and our guest speaker shared what works for her: handwritten notes and personalized emails. I thought back to the letters I used to write -- to a friend I made at summer camp, to another friend who went to boarding school -- and letters my grandmother wrote to me -- always about her health -- and decided I wanted to write more letters in 2014. It was in that moment, sitting in a living room full of writers, that my Random Cards of Kindness Project was born. Each month, I write and send one handwritten note to a friend, family member or colleague, either to say thank you or to offer encouragement. I'm inspired by random acts of kindness, especially the particularly creative ones, and the stories behind those acts. The Random Cards of Kindness Project is my way of filling the world with a little more kindness, of using my writing gift to spread a little cheer, to do something … [Read more...]