Are You Ready to Get UnJunked with UNREAL?

We don’t have a lot of candy in our house. Candy choices are limited for children with food allergies. Although, our options have recently expanded since my son outgrew his peanut allergy. A new line of candy, while not food-allergy-friendly, recently caught my attention. UNREAL Its candy unjunked. What’s does that mean? It means its made with real ingredients – cane sugar, milk, peanuts and cacao. It means its free of artificial flavors and preservatives and it does not contain GMOs, hydrogenated oils or corn syrup. UNREAL has taken the junk out of candy. That’s not to say its healthy – its still candy – but it’s a step in the right direction. And the taste? While I can’t personally tell you how good this candy is – its full of the allergens I’m avoiding – I can tell you that it didn’t last long in our house. The lot of samples we received* was gone in a day thanks to my husband. But don’t just take my word for it. Join me for Kitchen PLAY’s #GetUnReal … [Read more...]