What’s a GMO?

Did you know that yesterday was Non-GMO day? I didn’t either until I saw it on Twitter. Wait. Are you wondering what a GMO is? GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Its an organism that has been created through biotechnology, not by nature. So, then a Non-GMO is an organism that is not genetically engineered. I know. Its confusing. I didn’t understand what it meant either until I read The Unhealthy Truth by Robyn O’Brien. I had noticed Non-GMO labels on many of the organic products I was buying and thought “ok, whatever that means.” Then I got to the “Soy Secrets” chapter in O’Brien’s book and realized I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what the label meant. It had been a foreign acronym to her, too, until her youngest was diagnosed with food allergies and she began to research the food supply. “At first I thought GMOs were a kind of nutritional supplement,” (O’Brien 64). And what she found was shocking! I don’t think I could do the book justice by paraphrasing it … [Read more...]