These Shoes Were Made for Running

These are my running shoes. They’ve been hanging out with the dust bunnies in my closet for over a month now. I know they miss the pavement – I miss the pavement – but here they are, getting no action. It would be easy to blame the weather. Temps under 40, gusty winds, inches of snow on the sidewalks where they usually roam. But, truth be told, the weather is only half the problem. You see, I’ve just been so darn tired, I haven’t felt like lacing them up. And the nausea. Don’t get me started on the nausea. Who wants to run when you feel like you might lose your lunch along the way? Fortunately, like the Groundhog, I’m looking forward to an early spring. I’m 14 weeks into my second 40 week journey to motherhood and starting to feel like myself again. Yes, my friends, I’m expecting! So, while the weather has made running a challenge, the real challenge has been the first trimester. I’m hoping to continue running at a modified pace through my second trimester and then start training … [Read more...]