From Running to Prenatal Yoga

I miss running. Its been months. I scaled back my running in December when the morning sickness kicked in but kept training for Francie’s 5K in March. My plan was to walk/run it with a friend but ended up walking it with my husband instead because my hip wasn’t in the game. I wanted to run so badly but I’m glad I didn’t. Walking that 3.1 miles totally kicked my you know what. I slept a lot the next day. And then, on the Monday following, I received news that forced me to shelve my running shoes for the rest of my pregnancy. Following my ultrasound at 18 weeks, the doctors discovered that my placenta is low-lying. That means its potentially in the way of a natural delivery. So no more strenuous activity and lots of fingers crossed that it moves out of the way as the baby grows. I asked my doctor if prenatal yoga was ok – I was looking for a physical activity to help with the stress and the aches & pains – and got the green light. I took a prenatal yoga class during the second … [Read more...]