Lacing Up for the Red Cross

It’s been seven months since my last 5K and I walked that one. Its been longer since I actually ran. I’ve been a little busy. You know…having a baby. But now my little buddle of joy is almost three months old and its time to get back out on the road. And what better reason than to help raise money for the Red Cross. So, I assigned up for The Red Run on November 5 <--- that’s in less than three weeks people! I haven’t run in months (see above). I’ll probably end up walking more than running but who cares. I’m supporting a friend and a good cause and getting back in my running shoes. If you’re in Frederick, you should join me. I’ll be in the one in red (actually, all participants have been asked to wear red). Got any advice for my first post-baby 5K? Disclaimer: My race registration was waived in exchange for blogging about this event. These opinions are my own. I’m happy to help out the Red Cross and have donated my time and money in the past to their organization. Here's a … [Read more...]