Easy Chickpeas-y Curry Rice

Learning to eat gluten-free has been a challenge. I’ve found that I cannot eat most convenience foods; I have to prepare the majority of my meals – there’s no grabbing and going from the refrigerator or pantry. Just before I made this diet change, I was invited to be a member of the WORLDFOODS Maryland Fusion Taste team by Liza of (a)Musing Foodie. WORLDFOODS makes ready-to-use sauces in a variety of Asian flavors. I panicked a little. How was I going to review Asian flavors with my diet restrictions? Fortunately, the hamper I received from WORLDFOODS was complete with gluten and dairy free sauces. Score! And the flavors are amazing – very robust, just the right amount of spice, perfect for dressing up any dish. Seriously. I improvised with what I had in my pantry and the Thai Green Curry Paste and I now have a new favorite dish. This side-dish is so good, I’ll eat it as a meal. And I don’t share. Go make your own! Easy Chickpeas-y Curry … [Read more...]