Round-Up: Articles Worth Reading

I often come across interesting articles online that I'll share via social media. Sometimes Facebook. Sometimes Twitter. It depends on the article. Sometimes, though, I don't get around to sharing articles and they pile up in my Internet browser. So, I'm taking the lead from one of my favorite blogs and posting a round-up of articles I think are worth reading (or just fun reads). 9 Reasons to Go to DC Right Now from AFAR magazine. I've got to say that #1 is draw for me. Transportation App Bridj has Bus-Sized Ambitions for DC from WAMU. So, this one I heard, rather than read, but I was intrigued by the concept enough to look it up online. My Slower-Paced Blog by Micha Boyett. I discovered Micha during an Art of Simple podcast and quickly bookmarked this article to share later. As a newly published author, this paragraph from her post really resonated with me: The truth was that writing a book was exhausting. I wept for the time I spent away from my kids. I wept for how out … [Read more...]

10 Things to Do in DC Before You Die

  USA TODAY 10BEST recently published my article, 10Best Things to Do in DC Before You Die. It's excerpted from my book, which will be released on Sunday, February 15, 2015. Here are the 10 DC attractions that I featured in the article, and the book. 1. The Exorcist Steps 2. Duke Ellington's DC 3. Ben's Chili Bowl 4. Millennium Stage 5. Washington National Cathedral 6. Tea at the Willard 7. The Memorial at Night (see above photo) 8. Smithsonian Segway Tour 9. Markets 10. National Archives Read the full article here or buy the book here. What's on your DC bucket list?           … [Read more...]

BIG NEWS: I’m Writing A Travel Book About Washington, D.C.

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm writing a travel book, 100 Things to Do in D.C. Before You Die, to be published Spring 2015 by Reedy Press. HAPPY DANCE!!! 100 Things to Do Before You Die is a book series created and published by Reedy Press. They approached me, thanks to a recommendation by my good friend, Holly, to write a book about Washington, D.C. for the series. It didn't take me long to agree to the project. :-) I'm not just writing the book. Technically, I'm co-publishing it. What does that mean? It means I'm working in partnership with Reedy Press to see this book into the world.  It means that this is not a traditional publishing deal -- and that's ok. In this crazy, constantly-changing publishing world, there is more than one path to author-hood. This is mine. So, what's next on my path from writer to author? I'll be spending the next three months researching and writing the book. I'd love your help, at least with the researching part. I really want this … [Read more...]

Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine Opens in DC

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine, a New York City Cuban restaurant, opened its first location in Washington, DC, this week. And I had the pleasure of dining there with Liza of (a)Musing Foodie. Liza and I braved the streets of Northwest Washington in a Chevy Traverse on the day the federal government shutdown. Not so easy but we lucked out and found valet parking two doors down from the restaurant. Inside, we were greeted by Sophie herself and her incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff. We sampled plantains, three kinds of rice, three different meat dishes, and a cubano (Cuban sandwich also available as a wrap.) When you go, make sure to order a side of Sophie's special green sauce to accompany your meat dishes (its dairy free). And save room for a Batido, a fruity tropical shake. It's so good.  Sophie's Cuban Cuisine is located at 1134 19th Street NW in Washington, DC. Lunch was provided for free. Transportation was provided by the GM Northeast Team. Thank you. … [Read more...]