Allergy-Friendly S’mores

We hosted a family get together over the weekend to celebrate my father’s birthday. I thought it would be fun to celebrate by making S’mores over a backyard fire pit.

We had two problems with this great idea:

It was too hot out and no one wanted to sit around the fire pit roasting marshmallows.

How would I make S’mores my son could eat when he’s allergic to milk (chocolate bar) and eggs (marshmallow)?

Well, we opted to make S’mores in the evening when it was cooler and I made up an allergy-friendly recipe for my son.

First, I went to a local organic market to hunt down vegan marshmallow. I checked the supermarket marshmallow label and didn’t see any of his allergens on the ingredient list. However, marshmallow is on his list of foods to avoid for the egg allergy so I opted to go vegan. I found Susie’s Ricemellow – think marshmallow fluff – and it’s actually pretty good (I’m always skeptical of “alternative” foods).

Next, I took Hershey’s Cocoa powder (it’s just cocoa, not milk chocolate like the candy bars) and mixed it with confectioner’s sugar and water to create a chocolate sauce.

I put a spoonful of ricemellow on a half of a graham cracker; then drizzled the chocolate sauce over it before topping it with the other half of the graham cracker.

And voila!

My son loved them and keeps asking for the ‘irthday crackers. 🙂 I think we’ll be making S’mores again soon.

As part of the S’mores Road Trip to BlogHer I received a round trip ticket on Amtrak to the convention and Hershey branded items. Any views expressed in this post are my own. If you’re attending BlogHer 2010, please stop by the S’mores “Snacktivity” Suite located in room #4233 at the Hilton.

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