Coffee 12 Step

I have a problem with coffee.

Ok, I admit it. I’m addicted. In fact, I’m writing this at a coffee shop with a cup of java at my side.

I’m not sure how it happened. I mean, I’ve always liked coffee, sure, but I’ve never needed it. Not like my post-college roommate who turned into someone you wouldn’t want to cross paths with in a dark alley if she didn’t get her regular dose of caffeine. Seriously. Once we were at the mall near our apartment and she had to stop for a cup of coffee just to perk up enough to shop.

Now, I don’t think I’m that bad (I really hope not anyway). But I have experienced the coffee-deprived headache and the blessed afternoon pick-me-up from a jolt of joe.

What has really clued me in that maybe, just maybe, I have a coffee problem, is the insomnia I seemed to have developed recently. At day’s end I’m exhausted but, when I put my head on my pillow and my body begs for sleep, my mind keeps going, spinning like a hamster wheel.

Add in a teething toddler and I’m an incoherent mess. (I’m surprised I can actually put two words together right now.) Forget any function that requires the slightest bit of brain power. My sleep-deprived, caffeine-overloaded brain can’t handle it. Clearly, this is not a way to live.

So, I’m embarking on my own Coffee 12 Step program. I’m not actually sure what those steps are but I think it starts with switching to decaf, which, by the way, is what’s in my paper mug right now.

Think I can kick it? What habits do you want to kick? Let’s kick ‘em together!

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  1. Exactly what happened to me last night. Was lying in bed for an hour thinking about being a publicist to a musician I love (no I’m not a publicist and no I’m not even sure what one does) even though I desperately wanted to go to sleep. It was the same position I’ve found myself in numerous times lately, but I can’t stop with my 2:30pm coffee break. I need an intervention. Right after you and I get together for an afternoon coffee date:)!

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE the taste of coffee. But caffeine totally bites me in the @ss. I did like you and switched to decaf, and now I can drink as many cups as I want and not be wide awake. That said, I’ve also recently become enamored of tea. Just a little cuppa has just the right little kick so that I’m not lassoing sheep all night long.

  3. Okay so Amanda, you and I need a mid afternoon coffee together. I guess we could decaf it, but so not fun!

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