Couch to 5K Week 3

Week 3 surprised me.

I was expecting to alternate a 90 second run with a 90 second walk for 30 minutes.

Halfway through the second run set, I glanced at the timer on my C25K app and was surprised to see I still had 90 seconds left to run.


Was there a glitch in the program?

Nope. It was a three-minute run!

Week 3 starts with a warm-up, then a 90 second run followed by a 90 second walk. Then the three-minute shock to my running system followed by a three-minute walk. Both sets are repeated and the workout ends with a cool-down.

On day 1 of week 3, that first three-minute run was hard. By day 3, only the second three-minute run was a struggle.

I’m getting there!

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