Finding Faith

I recently read Lost Edens – A True Story by Jaime Patterson, a book about the author’s failed marriage. There were so many poignant lines but the sentiment that resonated with me was Patterson’s struggle with her faith during this dark time in her life. She asks “Where is God in this?.” She prays for answers but feels she’s not getting a response, at least not the one she wants.

And this I get because I’ve been struggling, too, and wondering where God is in all this darkness.

At my darkest point, when I felt I wasn’t strong enough to carry the burdens weighing on me, I turned to a friend whose faith is solid. She encouraged me not to lose faith, that God wasn’t punishing me; He was crying with me and I wasn’t alone.

So I prayed. And I bargained. And I got through.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason even if that reason isn’t always evident. I just have to remember to keep believing and I’ll find my faith.

Disclaimer: As a member of the From Left to Write Book Club, I received this book for free. These opinions are my own. This post is not intended as a review. The link is an Amazon Affiliate link.

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