Finding My Golf

I’m a golf widow. My husband usually plays every Saturday morning. I love that he has this hobby but I don’t love how much time it takes. The average game is four hours but there’s also the travel time to and from the course and then the nap he inevitably wants to take afterwards because he had a 6 a.m. tee time.

And here’s where the record scratches.

Because its not really about how much time golf takes. Its about jealousy, pure and simple. Its about wanting four hours to myself uninterrupted by a toddler, work or household management.

Recently, a friend suggested that I find my golf, find four hours to spend doing something that I enjoy – not an easy task for a full-time working mom. It was an a-ha moment (one of many lately that I’ll share with you in another post). Maybe I couldn’t find a four hour block but I could find four hours a week to spend doing something just for me.

I didn’t have to think twice to figure out what my golf is – its writing. Its always been writing. I’ve just never devoted the time to write for me (I’ve been writing and editing for others for years)…until now.

And so this blog was born, a personal blog by a professional writer about the moments that matter and everything in between. It’s about me pursuing my interests – food, wine, travel, the arts, running, yoga, dance, books, magazines, digital media, natural living, just to name a few – in words and raising awareness for the issues I’ve concerned with. It’s me grabbing a nine iron and taking a swing at writing for me.

It’s my time to write.

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