Glucose Buddy

The day I found out I had gestational diabetes I bought an iPhone. I blamed the splurge on my diagnosis but truthfully, I needed a new phone anyway.

I posted about my purchase on Facebook and one of my friends replied: You know there’s an app for that.

Enter Glucose Buddy, the diabetes helper.

Its a free app available on iTunes. There’s also a companion website where you can manage your diabetes.

I’ve found it to be essential to tracking my blood sugar levels, especially since I have to test my blood four times a day. After every test, I open “add log,” then select BG (for blood glucose) and enter the number from my FreeStyle Lite. Then I select which meal the test follows and hit save. The app records the time of the test as well.

I can access all my numbers by clicking on Log or I can sync them to the website and print out a copy – that’s what I’ll be doing for my next doctor’s appointment.

There are a lot of other features like a graph of your numbers, a forum, and logs for medication, activity and food but I’m only using it to record my BG numbers.

I highly recommend this app if you or someone you know is trying to easily manage diabetes. I could be keeping track on paper or with an Excel spreadsheet but this way I always have it with me. And if I forget my print-out (and with preggo brain, I just might), I can pull up my numbers on my phone when I meet with my doctor.

What apps do you like?

Disclaimer: I discovered this app on my own and genuinely like it. No one asked me to write this review or compensated me for it. I mean, it is a free app after all. If you’re diabetic, go download it or visit the website. You’ll be glad you did!

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