Grabbing a Slice of the Balance Cake

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

I believe in signs.

I believe in synchronicity.

I wrote a blog post about my New Year’s resolutions, or goals as I prefer to call them. I wrote about how I prefer to set goals on my birthday rather than January 1 but how I did the reverse this year. I wrote a post that’s probably similar to all the other New Year’s resolution posts that hit the blogosphere on 1.1.11.

And then I read an old blog post that someone linked to on Facebook. This blog recommended selecting a word for the year instead of making resolutions. And I began to rethink my post.

I struggled with this concept but the word “trust” quickly came to mind…

…and then balance

…and simplify

…and the phrase release control.

It was like a flood of words came to mind; I only had to harness them.

Fast-forward past the champagne toasts and the much needed New Year’s Day nap and I picked up the copy of Take the Cake that’s been sitting on my night table for weeks. It was my next selection for the From Left to Write book club* and I had just days to read it. (Fortunately, its a quick read).

I chose this book for its subtitle – A Working Mom’s Guide to Grabbing a Slice of the Life You’ll Love! – but what struck me as I started to read it was how in sync it was with the list of words building in my head for 2011, particularly balance. Its all about finding balance in life between family, work and self. It covers most areas of one’s life, except faith but that could be easily incorporated into the suggested concepts. It shows simply ways to achieve balance while also reminding you that balance is ever shifting – how you achieve harmony today may not work tomorrow.

As I strive for balance this year between my personal, professional and family goals, I’ll carry with me the ideas from this book and hope that these scales filled with cake (allergy-friendly of course) stay in check.

*Disclosure: As a member of the From Left to Write Book club, I received a copy of Take the Cake for free. This post was inspired by this book and is not intended as a review.

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  1. Indeed! Balance is the way we all survive. Glad to hear you are focusing on all that you value. Happy to be a part of that perspective…
    M.F. Chapman recently posted..1111 – The year of funMy Profile

  2. How great that the book reaffirmed your approach to the year. I, too, am working on balance and loved some of the ideas and reminders it provided. Good luck with your goals and here’s to balance!

  3. So honored that you commented! Thanks M.F.


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