Managing the Meltdowns

Before I was a mother, anytime that I saw a child having a public tantrum, I couldn’t help but cringe. I would think to myself “Why can’t that parent control her child? I hope that never happens to me.”

Ha Ha HA! Silly me.

Guess what? It has happened (several times) and it wasn’t that big of a deal. I just dealt with it and moved on. I didn’t stop to worry about what the other people in the store thought. I didn’t care. My son is 2 and toddlers have tantrums. Fact of life. Now, if he throws himself on the floor at Home Depot or the grocery store when he’s sixteen, then we might have a problem.

How have you dealt with your child’s public meltdowns?

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  1. Honestly that depends. If it is a complete meltdown I will remove them from the store/restaurant/movie until they knock it off. Now that they are older I just threaten their Silly Bandz collection. Shuts them right up!

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