My Dear Brian Letter to NBC Nightly News

I have always preferred Nightly News to the other evening news programs. However, tonight, I was very disappointed by the segment about food allergies.

I understand the need to present both sides of an issue but segments like “Food Allergies Often Misdiagnosed” undermine the severity of the very real cases of children with food allergies. Viewers see this kind of coverage and are quick to dismiss the condition – a condition that can be isolating, alienating and, in some cases, life-threatening. For food allergy sufferers, it’s not enough to avoid the foods that cause an allergic reaction. They must also watch out for hidden allergens (milk is in a lot more than just dairy products, for example) and avoid cross-contamination. Imagine what its like to be threatened by something so essential to sustaining life.

Many parents, myself included, are fighting to protect their children from this every meal threat. During Food Allergy Awareness Week, shouldn’t your program focus on what’s being done to raise awareness rather than air a segment that dismisses the condition as often misdiagnosed?

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