Me. Reinvented. My Yahoo! Shine Interview

While I was at BlogHer 2010, I participated in Yahoo! Shine's "You. Reinvented" video campaign. I was incredibly nervous (I look like I'm going to lose my lunch at the beginning but at least my makeup looks good -- their makeup artist did it.) The interviewer totally put me at ease, though, and the editor did an excellent job of cutting out my unscripted babble. So, here I am. On camera (cringe). Reinvented. What do you think? Follow @YahooShine on Twitter for more #reinvented videos or visit the Yahoo! Shine "You.Reinvented" page at … [Read more...]

BlogHer10 from my Newbie Perspective

I’ve been struggling to find the words to describe my experience at BlogHer 2010; I think because it did not live up to my expectations. Because I let all the pre-BlogHer hype go to my head, it was never going to be as fabulous as I dreamed. I was expecting sessions so jammed packed with information that I wouldn’t be able to take notes fast enough. Not so. The sessions were very informal and not very informative and it turns out most BlogHer attendees skip them anyway. I was expecting lots of fabulous, swanky parties. I did attend one that I’m embarrassed to say I twitter stalked my way into but for the most part the parties were invitation-only or had a mile-long waitlist. And I was expecting this experience to launch my newbie blog into the blogosphere. But, in a sea of 2400 bloggers, that was never going to happen and I was naïve to think so. Here’s what I wasn’t expecting: I didn’t expect to get along so well with the women I roomed with at the Hilton. Why? Because I didn’t … [Read more...]


When this post is published, I will be at BlogHer 2010 in New York City! I am so excited! The last few months of blogging have been a whirlwind and I've totally fallen in love with it. I'm looking forward to the conference like a child looks forward to Christmas. I promise to write a post all about it but for now I have sessions to attend, an Expo Hall jammed packed with sponsors to meet, parties to enjoy, old friends to see and new friends to make. … [Read more...]