When Pregnancy Complications Arise

I recently found out that I have gestational diabetes. I tried to hold back my tears when the OB broke the news and while I scheduled my follow up appointments with the front desk. But as soon as I got in my car, the tear gates opened. And not just because of the diagnosis but because of how hard this pregnancy has been. Let me back track. My first pregnancy was a breeze. If there’s such a thing as a perfect pregnancy, that was it. I don’t say that to brag but to establish a frame of reference for what I was expecting this time around. This pregnancy has been anything but perfect. It started with six weeks of nausea and then hip pain in my fourth month that stalled my running and unrelenting insomnia. Then I had my first ultrasound at 18 weeks and everything changed. My OB informed me that there were two issues of concern. One was a low-lying placenta, meaning it was laying next to the cervix instead of higher up in the uterus. For that, I was told to take it easy – no more … [Read more...]