Q&A With Thin Reads Founder Howard Polskin

Have you discovered Thin Reads? It’s a web site created by digital media pro Howard Polskin. The site is devoted to e-book singles – short fiction or non-fiction that’s longer than a magazine article but shorter than a book. Here’s what he had to say about his latest venture and the growing e-book industry. What inspired you to create Thin Reads? I met with John Tayman, one of the co-founders of the wonderful e-book single company Byliner.com. He told me about this new form of content he was publishing. Before I boarded my flight back to New York, I downloaded two e-book singles from Amazon. By the time I landed, I was hooked on the form. But I wanted someone to guide me on what to buy and give me a heads-up on what was good. There was nothing in the market. That’s when the light bulb went off to create Thin Reads. What does Thin Reads offer readers? For readers coming to my site, there are four simple things we offer: reviews, author interviews, news and analysis of the … [Read more...]

My New E-Writing Goals

I fell in love with writing stories in the third grade when (probably thanks to my mom) my short story was published in the PTA newsletter. I didn’t particularly enjoy the taunting I got on the bus ride home that day but I didn’t let it get me down. I was a published writer at the age of eight! Since then, I’ve dreamed of writing a published novel. I made a few attempts, mostly within the safety net of a classroom, but I haven’t pursued this dream in earnest. Maybe I’m afraid I won’t achieve it. Or maybe I’m afraid I will. The fact of the matter is that if I don’t try, I never will. And if I learned anything from NaNoWriMo is that I have to put forth the effort (duh) to make this happen. So I’m rethinking my goals, slightly. My goal used to be seeing my book on the front table at Barnes & Noble. My ultimate goal was the New York Times Bestseller list (a girl can dream, right?). Those are still my dreams but now I also have the New York Times E-Book Bestseller list to add to … [Read more...]