New Enjoy Life Cookies

I realize its ironic to write a post about cookies when I’m dealing with gestational diabetes. Cookies are not on my diet. However, my little guy is quite the cookie monster and was super excited to see these arrive at our doorstep.* We sampled all four the first day but he had a clear preference for the Double Chocolate variety. Chocolate chip came in second. We also received double chocolate crunch granola, which I mix in a trail mix that he loves, and Mega Chunks of chocolate. I haven’t even opened that bag yet. Its too tempting. What I love about Enjoy Life products is that they are free of the top eight allergens and made in a dedicated facility. And what I love about these cookies – even if I can’t indulge in them, too, right now – its that they are lower in sugar than the Oreos my little cookie monster also adores. I bet they go well with a cold glass of your favorite allergy-friendly milk, too. *As an Enjoy Life Brand Ambassador, I received these products for free. I … [Read more...]