On Becoming THAT Mom

It started with a Facebook question from Scary Mommy about being THAT mom. Then Theta Mom shared her experience being THAT mom. And then last night, I caught a post from the Food Allergy Mama about a thirteen year old girl who died last week following an allergic reaction at a school holiday party and I could ignore it no more. I am becoming THAT mom. What do I mean? I am referring to the mom that other moms dislike because she makes things complicated. The mom who takes the food fun out of school parties. The mom whose one child determines that the rest shall go without. Food allergy moms have to be THAT mom. We have no choice. We don’t want to make things complicated or a pain in the you-know-what. We just want to keep our kids safe. I’m not quite THAT mom, not yet. But I will be and probably sooner than I think. My son will be school-age soon enough. I don’t like becoming THAT mom; its not really in my nature to request special treatment. But is advocating for a safe, … [Read more...]