No More Pencils. No More Books.

No More Students. I’ve been teaching English Composition part-time at a community college for four years. Today was my last class. Ever. During my recent a-ha moment, I realized that I was just spinning my wheels semester after semester. If I wasn’t going to teach full-time – with a family and a full-time job that I love, I don’t have the time or desire to participate in the necessary professional development needed to enhance my curriculum vitae – then what was the point? Why was I spending my time teaching when I could be writing? Today I got two answers: 1. A friend’s blog reminded me that family should come first and sometimes we need to let go of certain commitments to give priority to what’s important. 2. A student complimented by teaching style at the end of class. Ok, so those two answers contradict but the first reminded me of one of the reasons I was hanging up my teaching cap (when I was having doubts) and the second validated that the time I had given to teaching … [Read more...]