Travel Tips: How to Save On Your Next Flight

I recently interviewed travel expert, and former Director of Corporate Communications at, Kendra Thornton. Kendra appears regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC and CW affiliates across the country, sharing travel trends, tips and deals with millions of viewers every year. Here she shares travel tips that will help you save on your next flight. How can you make the most of your frequent flier miles? One thing to keep in mind with frequent flier miles is there are only so many seats on a flight that they’re going to allow for those rewards. You have to book those as soon as possible because availability is slim. How far in advance should you book your flight to get the best deal? There’s no secret sauce for when to book a flight. If you have very specific travel dates in mind, then you should book it as early as possible. There is less and less availability out there and prices will only go up for the most popular flights. Which days of the week offer the best savings? In … [Read more...]