Facing Down the Food Allergy Bully

I haven’t written about food allergies in awhile. That hasn’t been on purpose. I’ve been making a list of posts; I just haven’t had the time to write them all but I need to. At the end of September, there seemed to be a flood of food allergy stories in the news (one from CNN and one from MSNBC on the same day, for example). I’m not sure what prompted the big release but many of them were tied to bullying. Its not an issue I’ve thought much about, at least not since I was in middle school, but its one I keep seeing and it breaks my heart. A fellow food allergy mom told me how her daughter was being harassed in school by a classmate. Another mom told me that her food-allergic son was threatened by a neighbor’s child. A friend emailed me an online dating ad that insinuated that people with food allergies were freaks. Here’s the thing that I’ve found so far on this food allergy journey: the day-to-day battle is such a struggle that its hard to see down the road to the issues we might … [Read more...]