Vote Cupcake 2012


At yesterday’s primary election, I voted for the cupcake.

Ok, not really. But I am endorsing Candidate Cupcake. He’s the mascot for the 3rd Annual Cakes for Cause Cupcake 5K.

Cakes for Cause provides job training at Moxie Bakery & Café for teens in the welfare system to help them transition to adulthood.

The first Cupcake 5K in 2010 was my very first 5K. I walked a lot of it but managed to run across the finish line in under 45 minutes.

I was proud of that time.

The upcoming race will be my second this year (I ran the Heartly House Break Away 5K, a race to end domestic violence, in March and earned a new PR, 36:26).

I’m looking forward to it because so many of my friends are participating – we have a team of about 20 runners.

And, did I mention, there’s a cupcake at the end?

I’ll always run for a good cause…or a cupcake.

Why do you run?

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  1. I run because as I entered my mid-30’s I realized having no exercise program was, um, not good. And we don’t really have the budget, nor the time, to be joining the gym. I figured spending money on a good pair of running shoes and then starting the Couch to 5K program (C25K) would be a good options. I ran three 5K’s last year, and my goal is to run one 5K per month through October/November this year – the Cupcake 5K being the 1st!

    See you there!


    • I like the minimal cost part of running, too, and the ease. I can just go out my front door and be back in 30 minutes. No driving to the gym, etc.

      Good luck with your goal! I think that’s a good one. I haven’t committed to any races past April but I have a few in mind. Trying to decide if I should push myself beyond the 5K…

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