Workout When?

I fully intended to pick-up my Couch to 5K training again. I did. I really did. But this Mid-Atlantic heat wave is keeping me from hitting the sizzling pavement.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself. There were a few beautiful, low-temperature days last week and I still didn’t put on my running shoes.

It baffles me. I had no trouble running in the January cold, but the July heat? Forget it!

My other problem is that I feel like if I don’t run in the morning I’m not going to run that day. I’d prefer to run in the morning because its cooler and I don’t want to run in the dark of the cooler, summer nights.

I also prefer to run first thing in the morning so I can jump in the shower afterwards and get started on the day. I’d rather not shower twice in one day.

But I also have trouble getting started in the morning. I need that shower, like a cup of coffee, to get me going. I’m more productive in the morning so I’d rather get up, get ready and get to the tasks of the day. I also like the quiet of morning.

So, maybe I need to get over my idea that I can only run in the mornings and find another time to workout.

Got any suggestions? When do you workout?

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  1. I have to work out in the morning or I just know it won’t get done. And I am so with you on the running in the heat. Sucks!

  2. I think you can run at 9-10pm. I did it 2 years ago when I did the couch-5k and that worked fine. Your only other choice is eeaaarly morning. With you, I can’t seem to do that! I really enjoy those late night runs 🙂

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