Chasing Dreams

Not long after my tech free weekend, I found myself deeply immersed in surfing the internet yet again. So much for lessons learned.

Three hours into researching franchises for my husband – who hadn’t asked me to and didn’t know that’s what I was doing – it occurred to me…

Why am I spending so much time chasing someone else’s dream?

I don’t aspire to own a business. That’s my husband’s dream. So why am I spending three hours researching it? That’s three hours I could be chasing my own dreams.

This realization prompted me to contact Life Coach Lauree Ostrofsky of SimplyLeap.  I first met Lauree at Momz Share, a networking event for women in social media. Lauree offered all attendees a free coaching session so I decided to take her up on it.

Coaching sessions are usually conducted over the phone but I’m not a phone person so I requested an in-person meeting. Lauree graciously agreed.

I was nervous and not really sure where the session was going to go or where I wanted it to go for that matter. So, I began by relaying the story above.

Lauree believes that the answers are already within each of us. We just need to be asked the right questions. And so the conversation evolved into determining my dream (to write a novel) and how I was going to achieve it. We set about creating a plan that would move me towards realizing my dream one baby step at a time.

One day I want to see my published novel on a bookstore table

At the end of the session, I had homework to complete. To find one hour this week to write (does blogging count?) and to find someone (or several someones) to hold me accountable, like a workout buddy.

So here’s my request to you, my readers. Please hold me accountable to my dream. Please ask me often how it’s going. And if it’s not going, feel free to (virtually) kick me in the butt until it is moving forward, even if only at a snail’s pace.

Thank you! And if I can return the favor, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. It takes a lot of courage to put our dreams “out there” and share them with the world. For me sometimes it feels like the proverbial dream of standing in front of the classroom naked. I don’t do it often (the sharing, I mean, not the standing naked). So you are a brave, brave woman indeed.

    I think blogging does count. It takes time to formulate posts, and it takes discipline to hold yourself to a posting schedule. This is why I began my own: to make sure I got into the habit of writing (even if I’m NOT in the mood) and to make sure I wrote regularly (mood or not).

    So … you’re on, lady. Will be checking by often to see how it’s going. You can do it!

  2. I was just getting ready to call her myself! I will be with you on this journey, can’t wait to hear more from you. I just wish I had some of your writing chops!

  3. Dolores Degen says

    Enjoyed reading your diabetes blogs! Nice pictures! I’m going to be stopping by more often to see how this book is coming along. I hear it isn’t easy. But of course you can do anything you set your mind to!! Good luck!

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