Eat. Pray…My A-Ha Moment

No, Eat. Pray. Love. did not change my life. That’s not what this post is about. Nor is it really about the book or the movie, although, I did read it and do play on seeing it. And this post isn’t about Elizabeth Gilbert either. Well, not exactly. She does, however, play a significant role in the moment that I keep referring to as my A-Ha moment (although, I don’t know if it’s quite up to Oprah’s definition). Last spring, I attended a local literary event featuring Elizabeth Gilbert. This annual event spotlights a published writer in an effort to increase literacy in the county. I’m all for that! As I sat in the audience listening to her talk about why she writes, I began to wonder why I wasn’t writing. If this is my passion, why am I not doing it? My husband’s been asking me the same question for years and my answer has always been: I just don’t have the time. Right there, right then, in that moment, I decided it was time. Time to make my writing a priority. Time to start … [Read more...]