For the Love of Elmo

My son has fallen in love with Elmo! I took him to a children’s concert recently and his red furry friend was there greeting everyone. I thought my son would be afraid of the adult size Muppet but no, oh no. He was infatuated. I literally had to hold him back so the other kids could take a turn. Afterwards, the rusty wheels in my mommy brain began to turn and I thought it might be fun to plan a family trip to Sesame Place for his birthday. I went online, gasped at the prices, and then checked the menu options for my food allergic boy. I was disappointed by what I found online. We would be permitted to bring our own food (my preference) if it was medically necessary, which it is, but did I need a note from his allergist as proof? Ugh. And if I elected to buy food at the park (their preference), the employees were happy to help with menu selections. I’m not sure how much faith I want to put in the teenagers working there for the summer. My experience has been that people who don’t … [Read more...]