Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine Opens in DC

Sophie's Cuban Cuisine, a New York City Cuban restaurant, opened its first location in Washington, DC, this week. And I had the pleasure of dining there with Liza of (a)Musing Foodie. Liza and I braved the streets of Northwest Washington in a Chevy Traverse on the day the federal government shutdown. Not so easy but we lucked out and found valet parking two doors down from the restaurant. Inside, we were greeted by Sophie herself and her incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff. We sampled plantains, three kinds of rice, three different meat dishes, and a cubano (Cuban sandwich also available as a wrap.) When you go, make sure to order a side of Sophie's special green sauce to accompany your meat dishes (its dairy free). And save room for a Batido, a fruity tropical shake. It's so good. ¬†Sophie's Cuban Cuisine is located at 1134 19th Street NW in Washington, DC. Lunch was provided for free. Transportation was provided by the GM Northeast Team. Thank you. … [Read more...]

My USA Today Debut

Very excited to share my first article for USA Today. Its about what's new and notable -- or hot -- in Washington, D.C. And right now, what's hot is the 14th Street Corridor and its bustling foodie scene. I've also been working on a lot of food content for a new USA Today Travel web site as well as some cruise-related content for USA Today Travel's Stay tuned! ¬†What are your favorite restaurants in Washington, D.C.? Share them with me in the comments below. … [Read more...]