Foodie Friday: Bobby Flay

So this happened... I attended a press luncheon for the opening of the 10th Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP), this one at the new Maryland Live Casino in Hanover, Maryland. Bobby greeted each of us with a handshake and then spent about 30 minutes telling us the story of this restaurant and explaining his food philosophy for burgers, fries and shakes -- the stars of the BBP menu. This self-professed burger guy says he likes his food simple and made with quality ingredients. The luncheon was a very casual, informal meet-and-greet. And one that I almost missed. Yes, I almost skipped it because I had been there the night before covering the casino opening and was lacking sleep (don't look at the bags under my eyes). But I coffee-ed up and went anyway. And I'm so glad I did, not just because I got to meet a Food Network star (well, yes, that) but because I got to sample the menu. I ordered the LA burger, which features avocado (a fav) and watercress. I ordered it sans cheese … [Read more...]