Daiya Cheese Quesadilla #GlutenFree #DairyFree

I've been reading The Whole Fromage by Kathe Lison and all I can think about is cheese. But here's my problem: I'm trying to cut out cheese because, well, we're just not friends. Cutting out cheese, all dairy actually, is really hard when you are reading a book ALL ABOUT CHEESE. Since I started reading the book, I've been craving a grilled cheese sandwich -- one with crisp, buttery bread and cheddar cheese oozing from the sliced middle. However, I have yet to find a gluten-free bread that fits this order. So, I decided to improvise by making a gluten-free, dairy-free quesadilla. At the grocery shopping, I picked up rice tortillas and Daiya wedge-style cheese. Its supposed to cut and melt like cheese even though its a dairy-free product. When I was dairy-free, Daiya was the only dairy-free cheese I would buy. The shredded mozzarella was great for making pizza, even though the smell was less than desirable. The Daiya Cheddar wedge looks a lot like a block of Velveeta and … [Read more...]

Banana Chocolate Chip Nut Butter Popsicle Recipe at Prime Parents Club

I'm a little late in linking this up. Please visit Prime Parents Club and give this recipe for Low Sugar Banana Chocolate Nut Butter Popsicles a try. Its incredibly delicious. You might want to make a few extras. Just sayin'. … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Bobby Flay

So this happened... I attended a press luncheon for the opening of the 10th Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP), this one at the new Maryland Live Casino in Hanover, Maryland. Bobby greeted each of us with a handshake and then spent about 30 minutes telling us the story of this restaurant and explaining his food philosophy for burgers, fries and shakes -- the stars of the BBP menu. This self-professed burger guy says he likes his food simple and made with quality ingredients. The luncheon was a very casual, informal meet-and-greet. And one that I almost missed. Yes, I almost skipped it because I had been there the night before covering the casino opening and was lacking sleep (don't look at the bags under my eyes). But I coffee-ed up and went anyway. And I'm so glad I did, not just because I got to meet a Food Network star (well, yes, that) but because I got to sample the menu. I ordered the LA burger, which features avocado (a fav) and watercress. I ordered it sans cheese … [Read more...]

Baking Mac Without the Cheese

I miss cheese. It’s the one thing I haven’t quite found a substitute for. Most of the vegan cheeses at my local market contain caseins and therefore aren’t completely dairy-free for the food allergic. One product that is dairy-free and works well is Daiya; its my go-to when I can’t go without, like on pizza. Or the baked Mac and “Cheese” recipe I tried for lunch today. I was inspired by the novel Julia’s Child by Sarah Pinneo about a mom who makes and sells organic food for toddlers. There are several recipes sprinkled throughout the book, including one for “Mac and Cheese With Plenty of Dairy.” Its like the title challenged me to make it without dairy. Most of the substitutions were easy, with the exception of cottage cheese. I have not found a dairy-free cottage cheese. (If you know of one, please share.) So that’s where I started to improvise. It turned out pretty and tasted fine but I want to work on the recipe before I share it. I kind of threw it together with … [Read more...]